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Welcome to Tracey’s wellness journey. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I have launched this blog to help others recover their life from mental illness, to be an ambassador for healthy living and to journey with you through my own lived experiences of mental health and wellness.

I have been diagnosed with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder, I was officially diagnosed in 2016. I first experienced problems with my mental health as a teenager but managed to not let this inhibit my functioning and was able to achieve in education and had a great career. Unfortunately, I was unable to function properly when my mental health reached a crisis point in 2016 and I experienced my first psychiatric inpatient admission in December of that year. I have been in and out of hospital since then, spending most of 2019 in psychiatric care.

As well as suffering mentally and emotionally, I also became obese through anti-psychotic medications and too many hospital admissions. I put on 5 stone in just one year. I was experiencing pain on a daily basis due to psycho-somatic pain, toxicity and inflammation in my body. I struggled to tie my own shoe lace up due to the excess weight around my abdomen.

When I was discharged from a PICU – Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in November 2019 I decided I have to make a drastic change, I was surely going to end up dying if I did not change my life. I decided I cannot die and that I must live, and if I am going to live I want to live the best life that I most possibly can. I decided to be determined to turn my life around, get back in shape and live to the full.

This blog follows my journey to a life of full wellness and aims to be motivating and inspiring, encouraging and supportive. I aim to share my journey honestly and openly, ups and downs, battles and wins. I will also include articles about the latest news and research, best evidence, useful links and any recommendations, such as helpful books, grounding objects that have helped me, fitness advice, nutrition advice and much more.

Welcome to Tracey’s wellness journey blog

As well as blogging I have also decided to be the boss of my own life and start my own business as a wellness coach and healthy living ambassador. I hope to help other people on their wellness and recovery journey.

I find writing to be a great outlet that has really helped me and I love to write poetry, I hope you enjoy some of my poetry also. Research suggests that writing and creative expression is healing and therapeutic, so I am going to make the most of sharing everything I can with you.

If you are a fan of my blog and would like to make a donation to support this blog site please feel free to donate via PayPal. Thank you for your support and encouragement, it is a blessing to have you here, being part of this journey. I hope I can help inspire you to live your best life.


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