Fire fall down 

Fierce fire of love fall down. All my fears are drowned!

Your all consuming love transforms my mind.  My heart transplanted to one of rich kindness.

Fierce fire of love burn bright in this place. I gaze upon the serenity in your face.

I am set ablaze with the desire to lift your name on high! You Heavenly Father have my whole life.

As the breeze blows, the leaves fall and fall. Until I’m a bare tree, standing amongst it all.

But, you don’t leave me with a winters dew. Your love lights a fire, this tree will bloom.

I let my leaves fall and they cover the dirt. But you’re raising me up, above the smoulder and ashes. You saw my beauty in the dust and you lavished!

You fought for me in the cold wind and dark! Now I’m singing a new song of how your love changed my heart.

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