The sun streaks across the morning dew. Drinking tea, contemplating the news. 

Refugee crisis and countries in war. Poverty and hunger. Sudden deaths, people mourn. 

The world is in pain, the earth cries out. The days act the same, though some want to change. 

Money rules the hearts of many. 9-5, a car, saving pennies. 

Money buys our time, but we can’t get that back. Time is the only commodity that we truly have. 

To spend with the people we love and adore. To cherish the memories, make more and more. 

No one will remember what salary you earnt. Instead they will hold on to the things that were learnt. 

A simple act of kindness, a generous thought. A laugh, moments of fun, a sincere and gentle talk. 

Don’t take time for granted. Use it wisely, it’s a precious gift. Think how you can bring joy to others, each moment that you live. 

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