Image by Devanath from Pixabay

More than a conqueror 

My road I travel, far and long. My conquest, my battle, my heavy heart. I yawn! 
I’m tired of fighting, for surviving this life. Want to step out and relinquish! Not wise! 
So I choose His voice, His word, His promise. No matter my step, He will not shake, he’s steady and honest. 
I hide my face in His chest and he cries on my head. He’s broken hearted! 
But He knows the glory before me, he’s longing for me to know, He adores me.
He looks in my eyes and says: “Dear Child, forever your safe now, don’t fear, I’m bold. I’ve got you covered, got your back and your future. Everything’s redeemed in My Kingdom, nothing can haunt ya!” 
“You’re more than a conqueror, you’re a warrior, a knight. A princess, a human being, in you I delight!” 

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