Trust as delicate as a dove,
knowing every whisper could make me seek more love,
or shove me away,
I need you to stay.

Come close, go away,
back and forth, I can’t endure this way.

My heart yearns to be fully connected to yours,
but I’m afraid I need to know you more.

Trust like a dove, if it remains as does peace.
Trust and peace connected like a leaf to a tree.

Trust can fall or it can stay.
Delicately handed,
it will turn bright orange in the autumn.
In the winter, on it’s knees.
In spring, bringing forth new buds.
In summer, shining, it knows its place.

Throughout all seasons a leaf remains a leaf,
a tree stays all tree.
I want to be connected to all of me.

Your grace so soft, your mercy so sweet,
Its unfathomable how you handle me.
Even when I’m scared of you, you don’t disappear.
You draw as near as I want you to and respect my sphere.

Keep me together, keep my mind free.
Don’t let no tangled mess take a hold of me.
Keep me strong, keep me safe,
keep me surrendered to looking at your face.



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