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Violin inside my chest 

I’m of the glory nation, that’s exploding, igniting.

He’s changing our history to a triumph story, excitement!

His love pours down with complete adoration.
He’s a constant rock, a firm foundation.

We cast our crowns and He crowns us again.
He robes us in white, pure at His sight.

He hung on a tree for you and for me.
He poured out His life, for our intimacy.

Like a violin singing inside my chest,
My emotions rise, my praises, my head is well pressed.

In the dust and the sand, you raise us up from the ashes,
With your hand in my hand, your singing “you’re beautiful”, you lavish.

His love is eternal, everlasting, not temporary.
His love is a well of comfort and remedy.

Like the brightest of lights, that wake up the hardest of hearts.
His love overwhelms to tears and raw laugh.

With one word He created it all.
His mighty sword, He conquers! The enemy falls.

I choose to live in Kingdom’s reality.

I’m not of this world, I have greater clarity.

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