Your presence

img_6042 When I do life from a place of your presence, everything is peace.
Contented on your love, I can hear your voice like a gentle breeze.

Even if I am stood in a storm with sea’s raging against me,
If I get into your presence, no tide can rush me.

When tables are turning and people around me are tearing me down.
If I get into your presence, I just can’t even frown.

When I hear your gentle whisper, my heart melts right through.
I can’t feel a piece of pain here, because of your magnitude.

When my attitude is out of sync and I seek your holy way,
you gently correct my thoughts and any selfish ways.

Your discipline is loving and helps me to grow in ways,
I never realised how much empowerment can come from your love each day.

Your presence is all I need, I know this to be true.
When I am wrapped in your arms, I am sheltered all night through.

If bad dreams come to find me, you give me a sword to change its path.
Loving you has taught me, I am the master of my path!

My destiny is golden, you promised this to me.
Like an eagle soaring high above the beautiful, mystical trees.

You have my life covered, its all right with you.
Nothing I ever do, can be apart from you.

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