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Instead of ashes 

Heavy, head bowed down low. The enemy trying to rob the good that has been sown.
Contemplative, between choosing the light or giving in. But, I keep remembering the Kingdom I now live in.
I can go under, destruct and destroy. Or I can rise up, with truth and with praise. For the Heavenly Father, He knows me by name.
I can continue to walk in shame and in fear, or I can choose to live under the grace that is His.
I can deny all the evil that has gone before.Or I can choose justice and righteousness, be free and live pure.

I can surrender to victimhood and my light will become dim. Let nothing change, allow the prison to thicken beneath my skin.
Or I can surrender to only God alone, He breathed life in to ALL nostrils. Why fear man when God is on the throne?

He is raising an army, not training for earthly war. But a peoplehood of His promise, His love, with His roar.

That life should look different, because we belong to Him. Because He sacrificed everything to ensure of our continuing.

So I won’t listen to the lie that tries to rob me of my life, tries to push me under a rock, makes me want to hide.

I will stand up now, my spirit inside. With worship in me like thunder, I will rise, I will cry.

For we are the people of His Kingdom, we need to keep in line with His truth.

He is the one who is triumphant, He is the one who stood.

I stand up because He stood, for forgiveness and peace.

I stand up because He stood, for love, identity, destiny – release!
I rise because he rose, from the dirt and the ashes.

To a glorious crown of beauty, an unending love lavished.

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