Easy to choose peace when all is at ease, but when the tide comes rushing in and that peace begins to cease, then what? what will it be?

Easy to choose love when love comes flowing in, but when turbulence appears, what then? Giving in to loveless thinking is a stubborn disease.

Easy to choose patience when time is all at hand, but what when time is pressured, what then? snap and rant?

We all have a choice in every moment of the day. The easy option isn’t necessarily the right response amongst all the various ways.

So I try to look that bit closer of who I am designed to be.  I rather live in peace with myself then constant chaos and dis-ease.

How then do I do it? Live in that realm of constance peace? Keep on choosing the better way? when sometimes I just want to flea.

I can only do it through Him, my maker and my friend. If I listen to Him in every moment, in every trial, tribulation and trouble sent.

I won’t always get it right, but thats why His grace is an unending tide. He will keep on rushing in, to delight in His precious bride.


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