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We roar 

Waves of torment try to destruct, arrows of despair try to pierce hearts. Death tries to tangle minds and disconnection tries to get its reckoning.

But with a shield and a sword, we take our battle stance. Not giving in to destruction, instead with love, we dance.

The enemies can try all they can to put fear into every man. But we have a power within, a light that is not going to be dimmed. We will shine amongst all, showing peace is our answer, we roar!

We roar justice, love and light. We stand united in the fight. We are more than conquerors, we show the best of humanity, we stay pure in this glorious life.

2 Replies to “We roar ”

  1. Amen to that Lorraine….I’ve got it all with Jesus. So has Peter. The enemy can throw his worst but the more he does the more my faith goes through the fire and comes out stronger, accompanied with the Love and Peace of Jesus. Peter is going to Glory soon – in God’s perfect time, and I can rejoice for him even though I grieve at losing my husband of 49 years. Yes death is the last enemy- it is the last throw of the dice of THE enemy and he loses every time when it’s one who belongs to Jesus, because it takes us thorough a door into Glory and the immediate presence of God. Hallelujah for the finished wok of the Cross!

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