Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When galaxies collide

Polar galaxies collide inside as you break in, this eruption, alive!

Two opposite frame of minds cannot exist when you break through with your love, so overwhelming and divine.

Faith from the ashes rising up, an over-flowing stream of volcanic heat seeps out in streams.

Death dispersed as you speak, your word, you are calling all to life.

You declare freedom from diseases and minds to be restored.

Renewing of hearts and the transforming of this Earth.

Faith rises further, higher you take us there.

Now soaring with the Eagles in the sky, its your name, out loud, we boldly declare!

No trap, nor chain, nor fear or pain can hold us back. It is your unrelenting grace that shows how deeply you sincerely care.

The old ties are broken, all bondage gone. We are sowing and reaping a harvest in Heaven, where everlasting hope is born.

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