Perspective super-seeds circumstance, because when your perspective is a heavenly glance, the temporary circumstance is but a spec of sand.

Though each spec of sand is an important part of tapestry; “it matters to you, so it matters to me”. Don’t let your circumstance change your destiny.

You have a God-given identity. Anything that is temporary will disappear like a drop of water, into the deep blue sea.

Hold to what is Holy, what is good and what is divine. The ever-lasting covenant is between you and the true vine.

The alpha, the omega, the first and the last. He can draw you out of the deepest of waters, move mountains, conquer giants and heal disease.

He can heal the broken-hearted, so that they can find their dance. He lavishes love to the loved-less so they can re-find their hearts.

You don’t have to come prepared or sorted, He knows exactly what you need. He will meet you at your darkest, He will lift you off ¬†your knees.

His name is love, He cares most sincerely. He put all of the stars in the galaxies. He will surely set you free.

gorgeous sea

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