dark to light tree field
Assured in what is not yet seen, God’s heart wants to give the best that life can bring.
I know the plans He has for me are better than I can dare to dream.
He goes before me and makes a way, He guards my back, night and day.
If I look at the world my heart breaks and cries, but if I look to Him, I see resurrected life.
Hope in redemption, reconciliation and truth. He holds the light, the love, everything of a joy-filled life.
The joyful expectation that good is coming, promises are secure in the maker of the everlasting.
Like a gardener plants a seed, knowing it will grow.
Hope is a certainty because of who we know.
Our Father is the Alpha and Omega, Our Father is the author and creator.
Jesus came to set us free, we are full of life now, full of strength and integrity.
Hope is fulfilled because He rose up from the death tree,
Hope is complete in Jesus, nothing is impossible for those who believe.

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