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A day in the life of God

What have you been up to today God?


“Some people said Yes today, so I have had several parties and feasts celebrating with all of Heaven, prodigals returning and people in remote places knowing I made them and gave them life. I love it when they realise that, love just bubbles up in their eyes.

I have been in Iraq preventing further devastation where I can, whispering in the ears of those that are lost and broken, I have been in Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Syria, Sudan, Dorset, Isle of Wight, New York and Japan. I have been with every person, every place, every situation, doing my best to whisper gently, and guide peoples ways. Free will is a gift, I will never control, I am a respecting freedom fighter, this can never change, but Oh how it breaks my heart when people use their choices to hurt one and other. It starts with one person and it finishes there too.

So I just keep pressing in, saying I am here for when you are ready, I am here, your loving Father, praying that you will return to me, be in my sanctuary, where I can keep my family as safe as can be.

I have also heard the prayers of the ones that speak to me, I have put into action there requests, some I could answer immediately, some are on a journey and theres a few other bits of the puzzle that need to be slotted into place to bring it in to being. I am always answering prayers, I hear every one. I hear the praises and sing back to my loving sons and daughters. I work favour and blessings in the life of those that pray with love.

I am full of grace you see, justice and mercy work together eloquently. Forgiveness is the key that sees captives released. My son poured out his dear life, suffered the crucifixion as a living sacrifice. He did that because he knows first hand the joy of living in a community, he couldn’t bare to see people being separated and isolated from us, God the trinity.

I have also been grieving today, some of my children have been mourning their loved ones, I cry with them and I collect their tears, even though I know that they are home now and in Heaven for everlasting years.

I have been in the birthing rooms, helping babies to be delivered, many were born, but sadly maternity services are struggling, especially in Africa, my hope is for more midwives to go to Uganda. There are many situations that are destructive and corrupt, I have my angels fighting there, I have my children being courageous enough, I bring light to the darkness, the darkness cannot comprehend it.

Nothing is more powerful than me, I can bring all I can to change a bad situation for good, but sadly I cannot change a persons mind that has misunderstood. Misunderstood their identity, their purpose, the plan, but one day I pray, my sons and daughters will have revelation that I love them to the core; there is not one ounce of badness that cannot be restored.

I forgive every single thing, nothing is to much for me. Jesus died to clean the slate, when I look at my children I just see righteousness and holy delight. I long for my children to know that they are free.

I am in and around everything, I am for and championing everyone, but I can’t bare to see people hurting and I want them so desperately to know my Son.

Now tell me about your day my dear, precious daughter, even though I know it all, I love to hear how you want to tell me, what mattered most to you, because that is what matters most to me. You matter, I care, and I am always listening, I am always there. “

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  1. Tracey my precious niece that is absolutely amazing. Papa doesn’t stop working! You are so blessed and so close to our loving heavenly Papa xx

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