Throne room

You’re in the throne room, seated in heavenly places, righteousness is breathing in you, on you, for you.  He see’s no wrong in you, because His love wipes the slate clean. He doesn’t want you burdened, or carrying any sin. He breaks the chains that weigh you down, He lifts you up now, angels all around.

His grace covers a thousand wrongs, He bled so you don’t have to punish yourself. Take the knife away from yourself, you are free now, you are a weightless bird, soaring in the sky. Like an eagle, flying, enjoying all that is of the highest of highs.

His joy is your strength, you are powerful and true. You fall on your knees at His light and magnitude. He runs back throwing a regal robe around you. He sings, “My beloved, you have come home now, you are as pure as white as snow, I loved you in your darkest, I was there, I never left you, no. I am a faithful Father, I can never let my children go”.

He leaves the 99 just to find you, he reaches from on high and pulls you out of the mud and mire. He exalts you to co-heir with Christ, He declares you are given all soverign authority over the Earth; “make your choices count now, let your words speak life to dust and dirt.”

“I’m close, keep your eyes on me, I am your security, your refuge, your sanctuary”. Live life from the throne room mentality, we are more than conquerors, all things are possible because of, in whom we believe.


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