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Salt & Light

Twirling around, bangs and loud sounds. Up comes a shadow, trying to lure me back to the burrow. I turn for a moment, like Lot’s wife I look back; as quick as I turn, I remember  the trap!

I turn back 180, to see He’s still there – waiting! He doesn’t go far, even when I am hating. I turn to His face, He quickly runs, embracing! I am safe again now, found sound in His sanctuary.

I lift my eyes to the hill, its the highest perspective, I feel stilled. I capture the still shot in time that my maker is divine. The still shot in time that reveals His creation, He has a kind and miracle working, fun-loving nature. He is the author, the Omega, the Alpha, the creator.

If I look back like Lot’s wife, a pile of salt is what I’ll be, but when I look to His eyes, saltiness and light is filling in me. I am salt and light in all of the Earth, you see, He loved us first, so we stand redeemed.

Unaffected by what life throws at us, because of the Hope and the Dream. The resurrected King, the mysterious wonder and wander of our Heavenly Father is not always seen. My faith shows me its real, I have experienced to much to deny or doubt. My faith is an unending river of hope pouring out.

Thank you my majestic, divine inspiration, Thank you for choosing me, for rescuing me, despite my wrong inclinations. Thank you that you see me through a pure and true lens, that you see me as righteous, and love me, no end!

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