Free from aberration

Sky From my old collection….

Free from aberration

 My battle cries of old land taken, my future was unsure, my history, communication, shaken.

I was so young, yet told this is no big deal.

Now I’m older, my reality surreal.


Injustice done and at such a price.

My life not my own, lived out in sacrifice.


Now I know I am worth more than the lessons of old.

I have a story to tell, a future to behold.


It’s taken every inch of fight in me, to battle through the raging sea.

I will come out of this pool of drowning, I will be standing tall, on top of a mountain.

From the valleys below to the highest of skies, I will rise up, speak up, stand up for my rights.


No child or woman or living being should be used for ill, its unspeakable, I’m grieving, my heart shrills.

But we come together, united on a cause. That ill use will no longer be tolerated, its a shambles when there is no remorse.


Justice will shine, the truth, the light. What is best for people is the greatest delight.

So we stand up and plea that this is the day of justice released. No more tolerance of abuse or pain, we stand together to state the highest proclamation. Our kingdom is safe, we are free from aberration.

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