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Light, bright shining, magnificent light. Shadows may try to fall, but light withdraws them all. Light, shining tall.

Love, conquers all. Fear cannot comprehend it. When love is what consumes all, no one dare try to bend it. Love, not lust, nor boasting or fuss. Pure, unadulterated, simple Love.

Laughter, changes a sad face to one marking grace. Laughter shines, like light, it is contagious. It infiltrates your person, wear it freely & it spills out of your container. Contaminating all people all around  you, laughter lines are beautiful. Wear them well, wear them all. Wear them so everyone stares and catches the glory too.

Life, resurrected greatness. Life full of love, light and laughter is the mark of a joy-filled, creative, created, creator. We co-create with Christ, he was our sacrifice, the hope in Him leave us imagining – life abundant, never dim.

Prosperous and true, the gospel is for you. The love, the light, the laughter, the life, He is that, plus, the way and the truth! Yes, Lord Jesus, our hope, our joy, our resurrected life to the full, is simply all in you!

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