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The narrow road leads to life

It’s not always easy to make the toughest choice, to go against the norm, to not conform or try to be approved of. It’s not always easy to do the righteous thing, to tell the truth even though your voice may be trembling, shaking.

But taking the narrow path, the one that leads to God, is also that very path that is good, full of light and is loving. It’s the path that is kind, the road that is not often walked by the crowd. It’s the one that says injustice will be opposed and freedom will be ours.

It stands up for the weak, the deaf and the mute. It stands up for the oppressed, the suppressed and the outsider, the few. It rejoices in the glorious, holiest of all truths.

To not conform to the patterns of this world, but to be renewed by the transformation of your mind. To not stand still when time is passing and the world needs to know the Lord is divine.

So wake up now, awaken every cell. Stand with arms held high, like Moses, to claim the victory. Even if your friends, ‘Aaron & Hur’, have to stand with you to keep you up when you are down. You are not alone, just find the friends that sing that same, very sound.

Stick with what is right, what is just, what is true. But if its a case of being right or showing love, always be kind and choose love in all that you do.

The narrow road is the road that leads to life, the other paths may be fuelled with destruction and lies. Keep to the road that brings joy and goodness, the one that is filled with the Holy Spirit and keeps you from putting your foot wrong.

If you make a wrong turn, its OK, turn right back. Grace is like an ever-flowing river, countless and numerous, like abundant tides. We are filled by grace, because our saviour is our shield, our staff, our sword. He is who we trust in, to help save this world. To save us from poverty, hunger and thirst. To save us from devastation, chaos and worse.

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