The simple gospel

Nailed to the wood with outstretched arms, your body broken and ripped apart. You came from Heaven directly to say, “The Father loves you and I am the Way”.

With hands scarred, you cried out for us to join you in Paradise. The joy set before you was enough that you were crucified, so that we could have new life.

Your life for ours, no bigger price can be paid. No greater gift can be given. Freedom. No agenda! No religion!

You would have came if it was just for one, your love is greater than we can fathom,we think we can try to know! You re-wrote our story so we can be with you in glory! and we don’t have to wait, Heaven can invade us now, in this very place!

It’s the amazing news, the gospel, it’s true! No-one has to strive or try, just simply believe in Him who came to save. He conquered crucifixion with resurrection, nothing can hold Him down! Nothing can hold us now!






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