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The bedrock, the foundation of the throne. The inequity we should not know. Blazing fire purges injustice out, it is not welcome in this Earth, God wants it out. Oppression lift off, freedom must come. Slaves be untangled, captives soar free. No-one should be a prisoner, unjustly thinking must cease.

A wave of justice is hitting the shore, coming over the lands, breaking bondage off and more. Nothing will be hidden in the darkness of night, for the light will reveal all, the truth will shine bright.

The refugee will have a home, and the widow a friend; the homeless will find comfort in Jesus their friend. Corruption must end, giving must flow. Poverty must stop, God’s good seed must grow.

Stop fighting and warring for oil and for greed, instead fight for justice, this is a war that we need.

The abused will overcome, they will speak up and plead, for their case will be heard and their justice released. Mercy and love can flow from the source, that justice puts right and brings to remorse.

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