What a difference in a year!

psalm 18 This time last year I was in psychiatric hospital, suicide seemed the only way out of the relentless nightmares and flashbacks that were terrorising me day in and out.

I continued to battle all summer, but through an amazing encounter with God at David’s Tent in August 2017, I was to be dramatically changed and set free from the prison of the chains that were holding me.

I met God in His throne room, encountered Heaven first hand. He cut the cords that entangled me, the chains broke by the command of his hand. I was released from the snares that took control of my life. I was now fully free and loved divinely back to life.

I soared in the sky on an Eagle so high, God declared my freedom and my commission to live my life. He showed me my brain, the inner workings that were muddled. He simply reached on in and brought me back to peace, alignment, clarity, no more mis-wiring or distressing voices inside. Just God’s pure voice and mine, now fully alive.

I have not looked back since, only to give glory and honour. To the King that I love, the Father, the author.

My prayer is that today, as you read this testimony, that you to would encounter the Prince of great peace. He is the solid rock, the one on which to stand. He will sustain you in all ways, He is faithful in every circumstance.

Even in my darkest, He loved me and pulled me out. He reached down from on high and He saved me from death tracks. He rescued me and saved me and He never let me down. I am forever grateful to Him, the one who came and saved. The one who loved me back to life, I am awe-struck and amazed.


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  1. I am so immensely grateful that HE rescued you from your torment and so happy that you are doing the things you want to do. What a complete turnaround. Love you dearly sweetheart xx

  2. …this is such an uplifting personal story, thanks for sharing this – God’s goodness and faithfulness is beyond describing, but these words give us all a wonderful glimpse. Ian T

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