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Look (cries from the homeless)

Look at them stare, gazing, their eyes aloft, no care. ‘Just another homeless person begging on the street’, thats probably just what they think! Walked passed again, clambering feet. You nearly stood on my bed, this is my home here, where you litter and tread. Please look at me, I exist, I am me.

Look at them go, purchase and consume, build their empires from which they wish to stand, boast and boom. Do they see me here? do they know my name? do they know I once had a home, I once had no shame?

Look at them with friends, friends I once had too, only my mind got heavy and I smoked too many, I lost them on the way. Now I am in cardboard alley, with no family around me to stay. I ask, I plead, just simply look at me, pray for me, keep me safe from harms way.

Note: Fortunately I have never been homeless, I have always had family & friends in my life, not just providing shelter, but provision too. I am so blessed & I have never been without. I felt moved to write this poem because of the homeless crisis present in Southampton and around the UK and world at this time. Sometimes we can’t give money or a bed for them to stay in, but we can all show some kindness. It doesn’t matter what put them on the streets, why they are where they are. What does matter is how we treat other human beings, and that we show love and compassion everywhere we go. That we notice. That we stop. That we listen. That we care. I want to declare that the homeless would not be treated as invisibles anymore. I pray we will all show unconditional positive regard to each person we meet, despite them living on the street or in castles. We will care. 

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  1. Love the poetry darling its great and says a lot
    and I also love liked what you wrote separately at the bottom
    Good on you and I completely agree with you
    Reminds me when I as a teenager we you so o hand out hot soup In cardboard city in London
    Great stuff xxx

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