Beyond all boundaries

My feet walk this world that seems broken, many lost and looking for love. I know the one that has spoken, and He sends out His peaceful dove. His love can heal a thousand wounds, cover a multitude of disgraces. He stands to defend you now, the truth is – He already paid it!

Trace Pacayo My ears hear the cries of the bruised, the ones that were taken for granted. I know the one that has written it down, the one who overcame it. His justice is like a roaring lion, declaring goodness for all. He is the most righteous one, the one that says ‘stand tall’.

My eyes merely see the surface of what He sees beneath. He is the author, the founder, the creator, the one that knows the depths. He sees beyond all boundaries of my wildest, prayerful requests. I see distress and problems, many issues and unrest. But He sees the potential, the treasure, the great beauty he bequests.

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