Image by Natthapat Aphichayananthanakul from Pixabay

The creator

From a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a butterfly – free. You made life from the dirt, formed Adam and Eve.

From a seed to a plant, a fruit and a tree. You made every type and kind of the birds and the bees.

You placed the stars in the sky yet you know me by name. Every detail, every quirk, you love me the same.

You made roses and buttercups, daisies and snails. You put the metal in the Earth so we could build network rail.

You made the perfect climate for us all to breathe, the right sense of gravity so we don’t float off like the breeze.

You designed us so intricately, our elbows and knees. Your the genius scientist that made ions and wine, your the one who made authors of great books, musicians and thyme.

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