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I want to speak about our given names, our ‘pet names’, nicknames and ultimately our identity as sons and daughters of God, and being authentic in our unique identity.  

When someone is able to give you pet name it reveals a level of deep intimacy, when God showed me His pet name for me it gave me a revelation that He feels comfortable with me to dare to call me something different than my original name, revealing a level of fondness and security in my relationship with Him. Usually close family relatives get to share pet names. For example, our pet name for my sister is ‘Jemima puddle duck’. My sister-in-law calls me ‘Tracey true’. I call my sister-in-law ‘Suslar’. My brother I call ‘big bro’, even though he is younger than me, he is like a big brother to me, so he gets to be called ‘big bro’. My Dad I call ‘Papa Roo’, my Mum, ‘Mumma’. We refer to each other in ways of endearment that only a level of intimacy can communicate.

So when God said to me “Tracey – Tabitha, resurrected one”, I knew exactly what He meant and how He meant it. He had my full permission to be intimate and show me His affection by referring to me in a way I could understand in that moment. He named me ‘Tabitha’ after I had received a transformational healing in my brain, and I literally was pulled out of the depths of despair to new life. It was a timely, fitting name and a pet name I will cherish. Acts 9:36-41 

 I have learnt how to be God’s daughter and enjoy His love for me, in that, I have really learnt to love myself and value who I am. Knowing my identity as His daughter is incredible, because it means I get to belong to my own family who I love dearly, and I also get to belong to God’s family, and actually we all get to belong in that together. In my family anyone can go to the fridge and get whatever they need, its the same in the Kingdom, we have access to every room and cupboard in Heaven and Heaven’s resource will never run out. Romans 8: 15

We were all created to be family. Family is so important to God that He didn’t want Heaven without us, so He gave His son so that we would know that He is willing to die for us. He is that keen on us, that fond of us. We were all  made with original goodness, because God is good, we were all made in the image of God, and Jesus came to reveal the Father. If we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father. John 12: 45

When we look at Jesus’s life and get to know Him, we get to know the Father’s ways. Ways of kindness, love, patience, joy, healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, justice, mercy, redemption, recovery, rehabilitation, renewal, life, restoration, sovereignty, humility, tenderness, gentleness, passion, conquering, overcoming, triumph, victory, creativity, courage. 

The more I learn about God, the more I know myself and what it is all about. I also know that there is only one me, so I have to be me, because the world needs me to be me. I need you to be you. The world needs you to be you. There is only one of you, be you, and be the best version of you that you can be. 

I no longer feel that I want to fit into someone else’s expectation of me and what my life should look like, how I should be. I don’t want to people please. I want to be authentically, originally Tracey, and utilise everything that is in me, growing in me and that is on my life, believing in who I am, releasing who I am, revealing God’s goodness in the world. Romans 12: 2

My prayer is that you will be you, that you will get to know you so well, that you will get to know your sonship/daughterhood and all that it means. That you would know God as the perfect Father. That you would know the Father so intimately that you have pet names for each other. That you would co-create with God, partner with Him in your life and for your life to reign. That you would live so to the full, in the fullness of who you are and who you are becoming that God’s glorious manifest presence will be evident and increasingly evident in you each day. 

Be you. The world needs you to be fully you. 

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