Redemption always

I marvel all day at how He made an everlasting way. He chose to partner with us, create and formulate, Heaven’s manifest grace, on the face of this place. We are walking love warriors, battling for the cause, desiring justice for the nations and lives restored.

He was the Shepherd that found the lost sheep, the lamb was drowning in rubble so steep. He pulled that lamb on out for the lambs own good, now the lamb is in the flock and the Shepherd’s love understood.

His beauty is all around, every part of creation sings, glory to the highest, majestic King of Kings. We cannot fathom it all, it’s too great! Your wondrous and Holy, righteous straight ways. That I get a glimpse of your efferescent fragrance, your robe, your hair, your eyes and your face.

Oh but to touch the side of your cloak, to spend one more moment in intimate soak. You lavish your love so freely and pure, you’re my hearts desire, you’re what life is for.

You stand for family, for connection and friends. You stand for peace and your love never ends. You stand for justice, for joy, freedom and mercy. You stand for them, for us, for me; that we shall overcome, have hope, be released.

That we will live in harmony, unity and courage. That we will stand up, like you did, for love wins. That we will all be treated with dignity each day! You won the victory, so we can have redemption always.

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