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God’s finger print

And then I see with soft eyes just how God’s finger print marks the skies, how in His love I truly abide.

God’s finger print is on the tree’s, the flowers, the cool of the breeze, on the songs, with the singers that worship on bended knee.

He is with the broken, the grieving and the joyful, He can be all things to all people.

He is everywhere at all times, with all people from all walks of life. He doesn’t separate or segregate, He brings people together, for unity & purpose- He helps us instigate… a motion of love, a wave of encounter, a true devotion to care for community & empower…

Encourage each other & build them up in love, run the race marked out for you, share in the victory – bless and protect, guide & see. God is pure love, the creator of the magnificent masterpiece – you originated with goodness, made in His image. You are full of potential, and God’s finger print is all around…. in Him you are free & found, desired & secure, loved & well-sound!

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