For us

A cathedral packed in Vienna on a Friday night bouncing to ‘God’s great dance floor’, people accepting Jesus loves them, multiple denominations, generations, nations singing, praying, multiple languages spoken, jumping and cheering – one love! One Jesus! The cornerstone!

He died for us when we were hurting Him, for our freedom, that we might know love! When we were cursing Him, He blessed us, when we rejected Him, He accepted us. Great words of truth declared by Danielle Strickland tonight at #Vienna18 #Overflow

24/7 prayer conference is amazing, hard to take it all in. The gospel never gets old or tiresome, I am yet again renewed by the simple gospel, the simple truth that I can’t do anything to stop God’s love. Even when I’m not faithful to Him, in my doubting, He remains true and faithful to me. God is good – all the time!

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