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The enemy will not get any glory for his attempt to take me out!

I will rise up like the eagle and soar with joy and shout!

My Father in Heaven never left me, not for a moment, not at all!

Angels filled my room, songs of praises and prayers of all my family and friends echoed throughout the night. I could hear the angels whispering, comforting me, saying “hold tight”.

Prayer is the weapon of truth! Truth is the sword that cuts through all destruction and lies, it wins with astounding hope, faith and light!

Jesus is the one true river, the river that I’ll stay in each day and every night!

Victorious again, I see the speck in my blurred eyes, not for a moment can I dither, this battle is real, it’s a winners fight, we are to thrive!

God enveloped me, embraced me, despite my unfaithfulness you stay true! I can’t lose! You never left me in my abandoned despair, you just loved me, loved me at my darkest and lifted me back to your loving and righteous way!

Life is for the living, living life I will do! Each breath we take is a gift, I won’t waste another one on thinking about the enemy, I will stick to living in truth!

Thank you for rescuing me again, for saving my soul, for reaching down from on high and drawing me to an open place, an open land, full of love and grace!

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