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24hrs in The Priory

Last night my legs were ablaze, tossing and turning, my bed a maze.

Not one wink for hours on hours, then suddenly bam! The power of the night hits with bad dreams and hallucinations on hand.

I get through my midnight fight – then comes the bursting daylight, but I feel blue to my soul. I don’t want to get up with my dark circles under my eyes yet, so.. I turn over again, this time I sleep with peace. Why at 11am is it the best time to sleep?

Noon comes around and I take a hot shower, I feel more awake now and can face the coming hour.

The consultant calls and my leave is reviewed, I am delighted to hear I can go out with a friend if I choose.

A session in the gym, a good bit of lunch and I am feeling OK. Pampering is the afternoon activity in our hospital today.

My friend arrives and we go for a coffee, such a wonderful time, but soon I am returned to the realisation of my section 3! Back to ‘The Priory’ it is for me.

Dinner time, my anxiety is rising, this time of day is the worst for me, a regular bite of agitation you see.

The evenings are slow and my mind drifts around, I hold on to all hope that my future will be sound.

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  1. So very moving …powerful… you are amazing we love you so very much xxx💖💖

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  2. Tracey I love your honest, visceral writing. I can ‘feel’ the journey, you took – can’t thank you enough for sharing your thoughts. What a jewel you are.

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