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My mind paces, my body races, I feel agitated through to my bones, but God embraces, and simply says, “hold on here, your faith will lift you out”.

My faith lifts me out of the mud and mire, lifts me out of the shackles holding on to my feet. He sets me on solid ground, where I find true peace.

A moments desolate treachery shouts, “will you die?”, I have a choice here, do I bow down or stand up to this now! I stand up tall and swing my sword, I fight for my right to survive this life. I am here to live, no compromise.

My God listens and looks out, no enemy can conquer me, I have no doubt. I am fiercely, fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a warrior and this is my day! My day to win, my day to reign, mighty and glorious is the victorious way.

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