No stigma! Reach out.

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I am so humbled by the love, support and encouragement from everyone. Over 1,600 people read my blog post yesterday, I had so many messages of encouragement from so many friends and family. I hope it encourages others to speak out about mental health and every day struggles that so many people face. We really are not alone!

By speaking out – dark thoughts lose their power! I have realised already that I am connected to so many amazing people that love me and want the best for me. I feel so blessed and privileged. Living like ‘community’ was what we are made for. I have the best community of friends and family, thank you all so much, I love you all dearly.

It is so easy to hide away when we are depressed and/or anxious, it is the opposite to how we feel to reach out. Reaching out in these times is so tough, but I encourage anyone who is feeling like withdrawing to reach out to someone today.

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