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Sensory overload

Walking therapy / pet therapy / outdoors / fresh air

These last 24 hours have been tough, but I’ve applied my strategies and am getting through. I got a bit sensory overloaded yesterday and it’s made my mind and body crash somewhat. I’ve been taking a lot of rest since and seem to be coming out the other side of it now.

I’m learning more about my limitations as I get more use to living with PTSD. But I don’t want to be inhibited so I find it really difficult when I’m not able to do something or compete something. My nature is outgoing and bubbly, so when that is hindered by getting sensory overload I feel like I’ve failed others. I’m trying to learn not to be hard on myself about it.

I think I’ve spent so much time in hospital that it’s actually made my sensory overload sensitivity a lot worse! A bit institutionalised! I’m hoping the more I do little and steady exposures to high noise and brighter lights the more I’ll be able to cope.

My dog ‘Garth’ hasn’t left my side today. Dogs are so clued in. He’s been my shadow. I took him for a little walk, he can’t go far as he has bad hips, but just the 10mins of fresh air did me a world of good.

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