Day 20 – sweat & relaxation


Today, after a very sweaty gym session, I treated myself to a pedicure and massage. I was holding so much tension in my shoulders, I now feel as light as a feather. Massage is so good for you, helps with circulation, relaxation, stimulation of the lymphatic system (reducing fluid retention) and improved skin tone.

I am still suffering with fluid retention, particularly in my hands, so trying different things to see what will help. If anyone has any other suggestions please send them my way. I will be seeing the GP again about it Monday, but I know all my results came back clear, so I think it is toxin build up. The 30 day detox I am doing is definitely helping and I have noticed an improvement, but I’ve still got a way to go!

I am making the most of the facilities at my local gym today, currently blogging from the comfort of the cafe here. Nice to have a change of scenery and enjoy the relaxed ambience.

post workout sweaty glow

I have a meditation class later, I am looking forward to that. Meditation is helping me to be more aware of my thoughts and how I am holding tension, even in my jaw. When I clear my mind it is amazing what inspirational thoughts and ideas pop into my head.

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4 thoughts on “Day 20 – sweat & relaxation

  1. What an amazing journey you’re on,Tracey. You’re an inspiration. I love the glowing photo of you. Xx

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