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5 important things to know about change

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay 

1. Little choices every day lead to the big, sustainable changes.

2. Motivation will fluctuate – be consistent to see change. Fill yourself with positivity – read, watch, listen and talk with positivity.

3. Your mind will argue with you, it likes to be comfortable. Choose to be uncomfortable to see change – stretch yourself and your mind will then catch up and stretch with you. You will need to keep teaching your mind everyday.

4. Some people will expect you to fail – you may expect yourself to fail. If you make small changes, stay consistent, talk to yourself positively, be kind to yourself, there is no reason for you to fail!

5. Know your why! Hold on to the long term vision, stay focused on your goals and affirm to yourself every day that you can reach the vision you have for yourself. If you can imagine it, you can have it!

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