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I’m over 5000 miles away in hot, sunny Thailand. I’ve got a typical Brit’s sun burn going on – stripy in places, bright red in places, still white in places and already peeling in places. Some patches of a tan! Oh and a few mosquito bites to add to the effect. Itchy doesn’t touch on it!! Why is travelling so glamorous for others?

I’m currently in Phuket and the beach is lovely, have been spending a lot of time in the clear, blue sea. I’m enjoying Thai food and time to read books and contemplate some things. It’s lovely being here with my Mum & Dad, a really special time.

I’ve enrolled onto a wellness coaching course so I’m looking forward to embarking on that when I return to England. I decided to do it for a few reasons, mainly for myself to keep moving forward and keep improving my own wellbeing. Secondly, to help others on their journey too. Hopefully I can impart what I learn and help others find hope for a bright future again.

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