The 360 degree assault of mental illness & how to start recovering your life

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Mental illness is a thief. Not only does it rob rational thought, it robs aspects of your mind, body and spirit that has a huge impact on so many facets of your life. It even robs your personality impacting relationships, confidence, your career, aspirations, emotions. It puts you out of balance in every part of your being. The ramifications of going through a mental health crisis are huge. How do you begin to get back from it? This adds to the desperation and the feelings of – it’s better if I’m not here, there’s no way back from this, there’s no way out! Or if I get better it’s just going to come back and cause carnage again. Mental illness lies, destructs & destroys so much. How do you see the light amidst such darkness? How do you get any kind of balance back in your life?

I can promise you there is a way out, there is a light, there is change ahead. It starts so small, yet that first, smallest step is the hardest & biggest of all. You start by saying there’s no way I will die, I will beat this, I choose life no matter what it takes of me, I will live!

Then you speak life over yourself EVERY DAY! I say every day ‘I have a sound mind, it is well with my soul’. ‘My body is good to me & I am good to my body’. Even if it doesn’t feel true, I say it. Lo & behold, what you speak over yourself catches up and it starts becoming the truth.

Affirmations / prophetic declarations are so powerful. It’s literally this positive talk into my life every day, despite what I’m feeling, that has helped me to start reclaiming my life again. The words we say about ourselves are so powerful. If I catch myself thinking dark thoughts I say ‘stop!’ & change my thoughts to positive things, such as ‘I deserve life’. I’m working on rewriting my thought patterns. Rewiring my brain.

Mental illness destroyed my body, being pumped full of meds has caused toxicity in my body & I am still experiencing fluid retention. My GP has said my fluid retention is caused by the anti-depressant I’m on. I now care about my body and don’t want this side effect, so I’ve just started taking Bach flower remedies in hope to wean off my meds. I’ve heard some people have huge success so will see how it goes and will report back in due course. My first priority is my mental health, so I’m doing this with caution and under GP supervision.

Because mental health affects so many aspects of our lives I decided to take one aspect at a time to regain health and wellness in. I’ve started with exercise and nutrition. Everyone is different and unique, you will have a different starting point for different reasons. Other starting points could be anything from accessing more fresh air, being in contact with friends again, or sleep hygiene. The key is to choose one part of your life you would like to improve – this will have a ripple effect to other areas as everything is so interconnected.

Don’t blame yourself! It’s not your fault, you have nothing to feel guilty for. You wouldn’t blame a diabetic for having a hypo. Just as a diabetic needs to take their insulin every day, you need to do what you need to do every day to keep your mental health on the well side. I truly believe I’m doing better because I’m applying strategies that help me every day. I will rest when I need to. I will cancel arrangements if I need to. I will curl up with my comfy blanket if I need to. My mental health is too important not to take it seriously and take thorough care of. It’s the same for you – you matter!

Remember, small baby steps each day. Keep walking forward. Resting doesn’t mean you have quit! Resting is a part of healing.

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