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Coronavirus – negative!

Well, I’m very pleased to say that despite having a cough, cold and flu-like symptoms on return from Thailand – I have not got Coronavirus! Phew!

I am still feeling unwell but gosh, so relieved that I have not got Coronavirus. On Monday I cancelled going to a pre-arranged doctors appointment due to starting to have symptoms. We called NHS 111 as advised and the saga of going round in circles with NHS 111 lasted the day. NHS 111 saying that the GP needs to send us for swabs, the GP practice saying no its 111, and back and forth we went. At 9pm, 111 arranged an ambulance and a crew arrived swiftly, they were lovely. As you can see from the photo above, they were in full protective clothing. They took my Mum and I to the local hospital, where we were swabbed in the back of the ambulance by a doctor and nurse. My Mum and I had to wear a mask the whole time. I think it was a coincidence that we developed symptoms and put it down to air-con and going from a hot to cold climate. My Mum’s symptoms were very mild, just a cough, mine put me in bed for the last few days. Unfortunately, my sister was poorly too, she was swabbed the same night on the back of a different ambulance, her results too, are clear.


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