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A blip!

step by step
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I’ve not been so mentally well these last few days and commanding voices came back, I dissociated often during this time. I was briefly in crisis, but I’m pleased to say things have settled down again now and I can hear my own thoughts again.

I’m going to have a community team again put into place, which is good, I need the extra support there to help prevent a crisis. I think I tried to do too much too quickly and rushed my recovery. I believe this is why things crashed for me. I ignored some warning signs, so lessons have been learnt.

Sometimes my mental health deteriorates that quickly and I need to take that seriously and ensure things are in place to protect me.

I felt like I had failed and disappointed myself and everyone else, but I can see now that this was just a small blip on a long road to recovery and healing, I need to stay kind to myself. Punishing myself for it will only make me feel worse and that will not achieve anything.

I’m going to be super kind to myself and listen to what my mind and body needs. A time of rest is what is needed now, it doesn’t mean I have quit, I just need to slow down.

I’m grateful for all the continued love and support. Thank you all so much x

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  1. I love the word ‘blip’. When you say it it’s short, exactly as it is. You are doing the right thing In recognising what’s happening and responding. You’re doing great 👍

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you were not so well Tracey but very pleased that you remained in control and are feeling better. Reach out to those who love you and you will find the support you need. Sending love and hugs xx

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