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I am so excited today, my healthy living pack arrived in the post and I am ready to embark on 90 days of healthy living. You may remember I did a 30 day detox from Dec – Jan and it worked tremendously well, with weight loss results and most importantly, improvements to my mental health and wellness. I have stuck to the main principles of the healthy living plan on a 80/20 basis and enjoy my new way of eating for good health – so why I am doing this again? and why for 3 months? I hear your ask 🙂

I have a further 4 stone to shift for me to be back to my ideal weight for my height. Although I lost weight in Jan, I am still classified obese and still not comfortable in my dress sense as I still find myself wearing baggy clothing, knocking my self-confidence. Not only do I need to drastically reduce my BMI, I also need to reduce the visceral fat around my organs. This is the unseen, dangerous fat that I am very keen to shift.

It is hard to reduce tummy fat when you have a lot of toxins in your body, which I have, I still have fluid retention. For me to be able to reduce the toxins in my body, reduce my fluid retention and shift the tummy fat, I need to eliminate the foods that are causing inflammation in my body. Sadly I have taken so many overdoses in the last few years I have caused some damage to my liver and kidneys. The body is amazing at detoxifying and healing itself through everyday mechanisms, but I want to help my body out, reduce its work load on toxin removal so it can focus on excess fat and water retention removal.

I have been learning a lot recently about the gut-brain connection and I know first hand that what I eat affects my mood and my emotional regulation, my concentration levels and my energy. I know by giving my body the best, whole and nutritious foods, I can give my head the best chance too.

This isn’t a fad diet, there is no calorie counting, it doesn’t swing you like a yo-yo like some stop-start diets do. This is all about eating a very balanced, whole foods based plan that helps to reboot your body and system into greater health.

I loved how I felt when I did it before and I am looking forward to all the benefits of doing it again. 90 days is a long time, but it will be worth it, as by then it should just become my normal way of life. By then, I should have easily broken and changed habits that I can maintain. By then, I would have transformed myself to a healthy eating machine! It doesn’t mean depriving myself either as I have found so many recipes and food products that are delicious and still on plan. This is a simple, convenient way to eat well. I wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise as I am a very lazy cook!!

If you fancy giving this a go and would like me to coach you through it, please do not hesitate to get in contact


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