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Day 1 of 90 day detox

Today I started my 90 day mission to be healthy inside and out, loose weight, boost my mental health and energy, reduce inflammation in my body and get rid of smelly body odour issues that comes with having toxins in the body and being over weight.

Day 1 of 90 day detox

I started my day with a pint of water and a detox herbal tea – great for hydrating the body. For breakfast, I had vegan and gluten free, vanilla flavoured protein shake, fibre boost, pro biotic & pre biotic enzymes & greens. I then went off to the gym and had a great work out with my natural citrus flavoured energy drink. I was pleased with what I achieved at the gym with walking, cycling, some weights and a swim. Lunch included a home made Thai vegetable curry (all ingredients on the whole foods, healthy living plan). I had a piece of 70% cocoa vegan chocolate for a quick snack, later some juicy tomatoes for a snack, followed by a carrot early evening. For tea, I will have a cinnamon flavoured protein shake, all low glycemic index with healthy ingredients.

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