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Day 12 of healthy living & the power of prayer

So yesterday didn’t really happen, I fell off the healthy wagon and indulged. I think with all the COVID-19 news I ate for comfort. What I realised, is that food doesn’t fill what you really need. What I really needed was to acknowledge my anxiety and be kind to myself in other ways. I’m pleased to say I am focused again today and back on track. What I have learnt is one unhealthy meal doesn’t mean I need to sabotage the rest of my week. I am not going to feel guilty for my indulgence, I enjoyed it whilst it lasted. But, I am now going to focus back on my goals, and that is to shift the excess weight, especially visceral fat, to be able to move freely and without pain. I will achieve that 10k run in the summer, I will achieve being able to bend in half in yoga without my abdomen getting in the way.

This morning was great, I started with my usual ‘Miracle Morning’, then Mum and I worked out to a youtube Barre class. Well, we accomplished half of it as when the exercise instructor started doing abs work we both collapsed on the floor. We had a giggle whilst doing it, got sweaty and our bodies got moving, which was the main thing.

I then spoke to a lovely chaplain from the community mental health team who is going to support my family and I. Such a great service. My faith is of central importance to me. When I am well my connection with Jesus is great, but when I am unwell it gets hard to pray & believe in hope, it is actually an early warning sign for me if my faith starts to go off track. It is good to know that I have that support with my spiritual journey from someone connected to the community mental health team, care just seems to be more joined up and holistic, which is wonderful. I am also grateful to my new church that I am going to, for their prayers. I also know my old church friends continue to pray for me and my family and I am so blessed to have that love and support.

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