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Coronavirus, mental health & hearing voices

I thought I was immune to being anxious about COVID-19, turns out my hopes were high, the reality not so. I got hit with a sudden wave of panic and emotion the other day, namely, sadness and concern for the vulnerable and elderly. I thought initially it was a wave of compassion, but it was more than that. It gripped me and weighed heavy on my heart. Sadly, strong emotions evoke complications to my mental health. The anxiety triggered a range of mental health symptoms, including hearing voices again. I got the help I needed from my community mental health team, a chaplain and a nurse on the phone. I reacted quickly as I know I can spiral quickly – I need to catch myself drifting off from my central compass point of peace as soon as I can. I am glad I was able to ask for help.

The mental health nurse said she has taken many calls about COVID19 and mental health, sadly, anxiety triggering many mental health symptoms. I am not alone and neither are you. I think know matter how much resilience work I do, when triggers happen they happen, its about learning from each episode or season, learning what helps and what doesn’t. Reaching out quickly! Knowing you are not alone.

This is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

In terms of the voices, I have found the thing that helps them the most is to comfort and reassure them. If I tell them to leave they get louder and more dangerous. The more I comfort them the more they settle back down again. Not only is comforting the voices key, but comforting myself is also paramount. Self-love and compassion being essential to safety and re-stabilising again.

I just got told about an incredible number, it is called the ‘breathe helpline’ – a lady with a very calming voice, an automated message that guides you through an anxiety attack: 01952 680835

I hope if you are struggling and feeling fragile at this time that you are able to reach out for help, to chat, to get support. Self-care is of vital importance, not just for people with known mental health histories, but for everyone at this time. I am praying for you all, we will come through this, we will overcome!

My 3 top tips if you are feeling fragile at this time:

1 – limit how much you listen to the news & how often you scroll through social media. Find what is helpful, what helps you feel connected, but don’t let it take over

2 – positive self-talk, keep loving on yourself.

3 – listen to uplifting music

My friend Grace has set up a great facebook page providing support at this time, also a website check it out.

God bless, Tracey xx

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