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Confused about how productive to be during COVID19?

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Confused about how productive to be during COVID19?

This is such an unprecedented time, everyone is responding differently and each day can feel different. Some people are of the mindset to make the most of this time, to catch up on chores, enjoy a hobby, read books, do an online course, further develop their business, develop networks, achieve something, get fit, eat well. Other people are really struggling and just getting through the day is enough for them, they may have even chosen to state they are not achieving anything during this time. I have seen hash tags on social media about this productivity conflict and I felt stirred to write this post.

My take on it is simply, do not compare yourself to others, do what you know you need to do to stay well. For me, being productive helps my mindset, energy levels and mental health. If I was #notachievinganything I would deteriorate rapidly, as getting out of bed for a purpose helps me so much. But I am balancing this with lots of self-care and doing all things I enjoy doing, I am also taking lots of rest. I am completing an online course, I am exercising, eating well and I am enjoying hobbies, such as photography.

What ever it is you need for your day, do it! Do not feel guilt or shame for what you need to do to get through this difficult time. Give yourself permission to be free to be fully you. Do not look at social media and panic that you should be do anything different to how you want to live each day. Stay in your own lane.

If you are surviving this time then that is an achievement in of itself. On a bad day simply staying alive for my loved ones is all I can bare to achieve and that is OK too. For me, having a regular routine, an alarm clock set and a vision for the day is helping me to cope. Some days I achieve more than other days, but mostly, I am getting out of the day that which I chose to get out of it. Occasionally, my mental health symptoms get the better of me and sabotage that, but I listen to my body, I rest and I come back again. I am determined to finish my online course, I am determined to achieve my weight loss goals, I am determined to further develop myself. I am determined to live the best life I can despite the circumstances happening around me. If it is to rest, I rest. If it is to achieve, I achieve. If it is to set goals, I set goals. If I need to unset goals, I unset goals. I am me! and all the unique complexities of me. You are you, all the unique complexities of you. You cannot look to the left or right, just look at you and the strides you need to take to move forward on your journey, on your individual path.

Stay in your lane! Be kind to yourself and prioritise self-care always. You are worth it and you are important. You matter and you have great value.

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