Small changes make significant differences

This week has been so much better, I think mostly due to a change in the way I take my anxiety medication, changed from having it as PRN to having it regularly and it has made such a huge difference. Anxiety is a huge trigger for a lot of my mental health symptoms so keeping it at bay as much as possible is key.

I also sold my hybrid bike and am just waiting for my road bike to be ready, I am so excited to take my cycling to the next step. Having something to look forward to has really lifted my mood. I have also been exercising regularly and the endorphins do wonders for my mental wellbeing.

Sleep is also such a big factor and I have slept so much better this week, that has made a significant contribution to feeling brighter and better. Last week was awful so it has been such a relief to have a decent week of good sleep.

I have set myself some fitness goals, small and realistic goals so that I do not get overwhelmed, but enough to give me a focus and motivation for training. This has also lifted me as I can start to see a way forward for my physical health to improve. I am doing the couch to 5k running app and it is great to have that schedule in place. I have joined a local cycling club so when lock down is over I will go along to that and improve my cycling fitness as well as meet some new people. Things feel so much more positive this week and I am just so relieved as I was so exhausted from battling last week, it is great to be feeling so much better.

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