Cycling and weight loss challenges

I am so pleased with my new road bike, thank you Velo Schills. I have been out on it just a few times this week, still getting use to the gear changes and the brakes – almost collided with a car on a down hill today where I lost control, so definitely need to work on my steering and breaking! eep!

In the gap waiting for my new bike I put on a few pounds again which is very discouraging, despite my efforts to keep exercising. For some reason I seem to gain weight quickly and find it difficult to lose. I think this is because of high cortisol levels in my body, so I wonder if weight loss is not just about diet and exercise, but also about stress levels and happiness, sleep and feeling rested.

I have been anxious about getting diabetes as well as other conditions associated with weight gain, I just hope I have caught myself in time to get fit and healthy and that I haven’t caused any lasting damage to my body from obesity. I should hear back from my blood test results soon to confirm if I have diabetes or not, even just having the test has given me a scare into greater action to protect my body and keep it well. I particularly need to watch my sugar intake and avoid the spikes in my sugar levels. Eating low glycemic index foods will help this.

Having sport / exercise related goals again has really lifted my mood and improved my mental wellbeing. It is good to be in training for something again, goals set and working towards something positive. Mostly, I am just enjoying the exercise and being outdoors.

I am sure as I continue to build on miles, my weight will start to come off again. Just got to keep on spinning and fuelling my body well with a balanced and healthy diet. I don’t want to obsess about it either as that will just increase my stress which will not help. Overall, week 1 on my new road bike has gone well.

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