Living courageously

I spiralled and I fell deep, the voices overpowered me and I was left in a heap. I had a near miss but the angels came through. Yet again they said, “life is still for you”.

God reached down from on high and pulled me out of harms way. He said “I’ve always got your back, stick with me and pray”.

I am sad that I’m not who I was and I’m so far away from living fully free, but I know this mental illness will not last, one day I’ll be back to me.

Each of us have so much to offer, so many loved ones need us here. Just like a broken leg recovers so can our fractured minds repair.

Life is so fragile, so beautiful and precious too. There is so much hurt and heart ache but living with love is living in truth. Loss causes great pain and grief and death is part of life, but living despite the struggle is living courageously with light.

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  1. I love this, Tracey. The last line particularly speaks to me in this time of pandemic, and serious illness in my extended family. I admire you so much and I thank you for living courageously, which is such an inspiration. Lots of love xxxxx

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