Welcome to Tracey’s wellness journey

Hi, I’m Tracey, I have lived experience of mental health and created this website to help others facing mental health challenges to bring inspiration and hope.

I managed to function well throughout my life with a great time at University, a successful sport development career, regular travel and charity work and a qualified nursing career – until the last few years! My mental health deteriorated and I have had many psychiatric hospital admissions since. This website is here to share my journey of reclaiming my life and wellness despite mental illness.

As well as mental health challenges, I put on considerable weight through psychiatric medications and the sedentary nature of hospital admissions. I am now on my way to shifting that excess weight through an active lifestyle, mostly cycling, running and other forms of exercise, enjoying the outdoors, other hobbies such as photography, and focussing on healthy nutrition. I am also a Christian and my faith in God has helped me through many times, my poetry is also shared on this site.

I would love for this space to be a place where people can find helpful articles, explore resources, feel supported and know that no one battling with mental illness is alone.

I also hope that this website will raise awareness of mental health and further break the stigma. Mental illness can happen to anyone at anytime, but we can take steps to ensure we promote all aspects of our wellbeing and improve our mental wellness.

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