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About Tracey's Poetry

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My poetry is inspired by my faith and my journey of overcoming mental illness. I am a Christian who loves God dearly and I am very grateful for everything that God has done and is doing in my life. I became a Christian in 2009 after reading the book ‘The Shack’. It is a powerful book about forgiveness and setting yourself free from pain and anguish.

I have had some amazing encounters with God and angels, times of great transformation and revelation. A lot of my poetry talks about how God has lifted me through difficult times.

I love scripture and I especially love ‘The Passion Translation’ version of Psalms ‘Poetry on Fire’. I think words are powerful and I often say our words are our weapons, we can use words to talk life over ourselves and others. Words can also heap destruction on us if we do not watch how we speak about ourselves. I see words like a sword, a double-edged sword that can move and breakthrough things in the natural and in the supernatural.

I find writing incredibly therapeutic, it is like it taps into the sub-conscious part of my brain and reveals to me my troubles and my hopes at the same time. I find it works similar to meditation, whereby you clear out your thoughts and can see vividly again. De-cluttering the nonsense and allowing the fruit to surface.

I hope you enjoy my poetry as much as I enjoy writing it. My all time favourite poem that I wrote back in 2017 is called ‘Refined’.

Love Tracey x

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